Pig production is constantly changing in Greece as well as internationally, influenced by the trend for greater production and meeting demand within a highly competitive environment. At the same time there is a significant increase of awareness on issues related to animal welfare, safety, and hygiene of animal origin food. Consumers currently seek for assurance that veterinary products used by veterinarians and producers are not a threat to their health and wellbeing, and that the meat consumed is safe.

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and more

PROVET is meeting the modern requirements, needs and demands of veterinarians by offering a wide range of first choice products for pigs. These products include antiparasiticides, anticoccidials, antimicrobials, vitamins, hormones, calcium-iron serum, electrolytes and anti-inflammatories.

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Did you know that the right treatment of sows and fattening animals against parasites is essential for a high performance?

Nutritional Products

The company produces a wide range of premixes and complementary feeds, as well as trading products of foreign companies, offering a complete range of products meeting all nutritional needs of pigs.

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20 May 2015

CVBD webconference 2015

On Wednesday 13th May 2015, another CVBD web conference by Bayer HealthCare was completed with great success!


23 Apr 2015

CVBD webconference 2015

PROVET SA has the honor of inviting you to the CVBD webconference 2015 organized by Bayer HealthCare.


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Provet International BU

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Pharmacovigilance - Adverse Event Reporting

In case you need to report an adverse event related to use of PROVET’s veterinary medicinal products, please contact the Pharmacovigilance Department:

Tel.: (+30) 210 55 08 777(24hrs), Fax.: (+30) 210 55 75 830(24hrs),

Where is PROVET located?

Customer service is located at Nikiforou Foka & Ag. Anargyron, 193 00, Aspropyrgos, Attiki. Visit our map to find drive instructions where you can find the link of our location for mobile and GPS use.

I would like to get informed about the webinars.

Webinars are organized for Veterinarians and Veterinary students. For more information you can contact us at

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