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202231 SEBERVIT Premix with Vitamins of B complex
202561 VETERFEED No 2107 Mineral Feed for Dairy Sheep & Goats 2.5%
202571 VETERFEED No 2108 Mineral Feed for Fattening Lambs & Kids 2.5%
621051 VETERFEED No 2113 Mineral Feed for Sheep & Goats 2.5%
202601 VETERFEED No 2118 Mineral Feed for Growing/ Fattening Pigs 2.5%
202611 VETERFEED No 2119 Mineral Feed for Sows/ Boars 2.5%
202671 VETERFEED No 2150 Mineral Feed for Lactating/ Weaning Piglets 5%
202511 VETERMIN PIG No 2077 Premix with Trace Elements for Fattening Pigs
202441 VETERMIN SHEEP No 2064 Premix with Trace Elements for Sheep & Goats
202411 VETERMIN SOW No 2059 Premix with Trace Elements for Sows/ Boars
202711 VETERMIN SUPER SOW No 2504 Premix with Trace Elements for Sows/ Boars/ Piglets
202521 VETERVIT PIG No 2081 Premix with Vitamins for Growing/ Fattening Pigs
202421 VETERVIT RUM No 2061 Premix with Vitamins for Ruminants
202401 VETERVIT SOW No 2057 Premix with Vitamins for Sows/ Boars
202701 VETERVIT SUPER SOW No 2503 Premix with Vitamins for Sows/ Boars/ Piglets
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You can’t find the nutritional product you are looking for? You can contact us at (+30) 210 55 75 770, as we can produce tailor-made formulations.

The fully equipped production lines of PROVET, have received an approval number from the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development & Food and they are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP/ ISO 22000:2005.

Custom Mix & Nutritional Programs

PROVET’s technical and scientific personnel, has the know-how and the necessary experience to develop and produce tailor-made formulations, apart from the standard products, as well as to design nutritional programs that cover special needs.

Nutritional Products Analysis

PROVET, through its modern Analytical Laboratory, which is staffed with experienced and well trained scientific personnel and fully equipped with the required instruments, provides to its customers an additional service which involves with the capability of analyzing nutritional raw materials and feedingstuffs.

Feed Materials

PROVET is trading a wide variety of feed materials such as fat, phosphates, sodium bicarbonate, milk powder, etc.

Feed Additives

PROVET is trading feed additives such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, flavouring compounds, enzymes, preservatives, acidifiers, carotenoids, probiotics, prebiotics, microorganisms, etc.

Contact details

Customer Service +30 210-5508500,

Animal Health BU

Tel.: +30 210-5575770-3

Provet International BU

Tel.: +30 210-5508500

Pharmacovigilance - Adverse Event Reporting

In case you need to report an adverse event related to use of PROVET’s veterinary medicinal products, please contact the Pharmacovigilance Department:

Tel.: +30 210-5508777

Where is PROVET located?

Customer service is located at Nikiforou Foka & Ag. Anargyron, 193 00, Aspropyrgos, Attiki. Visit our map to find drive instructions where you can find the link of our location for mobile and GPS use.

I would like to get informed about the webinars

Webinars are organized for Veterinarians and Veterinary students. For more information you can contact us at

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