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Regulatory Affairs Department

expertise in international regulatory requirements

PROVET’s Regulatory Affairs Dpt. keeps track and is always up to date on the legislation in Greece, the EU and all the regions in which the company wishes to distribute / register its products. Further, it provides advice on the legal and scientific restraints and requirements and collects and evaluates the scientific data that its research and development colleagues are generating.

Moreover, this department gives technical advice from the beginning of the development of a product and is involved in the approval of packaging and advertising material before they are used, making an important contribution both commercially and scientifically to the success of a development program and to the company as a whole.

The registration data generated for one country frequently fail to meet the requirements for another. Consequently, the Regulatory Affairs Dpt. is responsible for the presentation of registration documents to Regulatory Agencies, and undertakes all the negotiations necessary to obtain and maintain marketing authorizations for the products concerned.

PROVET's Regulatory Affairs Dpt. has a vast experience in international regulatory requirements:

  • Successfully registers products (data collection, preparation and submission to Regulatory Agencies) both in EU (National procedure (NP), Mutual Recognition Procedure (MRP), Centralized Procedure (CP) and Decentralized Procedure (DCP)) and NON-EU countries.
  • Assists in developing procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Interfaces with competent Regulatory Agencies in Greece and abroad.
  • Follows closely and is up to date on local and international regulations.
  • Participates in audits.

GLP test unit, R&D department

more than 80 studies conducted

The GLP test unit can support and conduct the following studies:

  • Determination of active substances and their metabolites in biological fluids for Bioequivalence, Bioavailability and Pharmacokinetic studies.
  • Residue depletion studies in animal tissues and animal products (for the establishment of the withdrawal period)

PROVET's R&D department conducts research which is exclusively based on existing molecules. Our R&D is mainly focusing on:

  • New applications for existing active ingredients
  • Improved animal-friendly formulations (solutions, suspensions, powders, tablets)
  • New indications
  • Development and validation of new analytical methods for the control of raw materials and final products.
  • Preparation of registration dossiers for new products or renewal of dossiers for existing products.
  • Stability studies, including protocols according to VICH guidelines


specialization – customer service excellence – cost efficiency

PROVET's vast experience in Logistics Management, in animal health and the pet food & accessories sector, has contributed effectively in understanding the specific needs of the market and also developing flexibility and adaptability on the achievement of storage and delivery of our products timely and cost efficiently.

The Third-Party Logistics' (3PL) main objective is to provide services on warehousing and distribution, or part of them, to customers by ensuring a high quality of service. Its guiding motto is "the product must be delivered to the end user on time, at minimum cost, with excellent customer service, by a specialized team".


PROVET is currently cooperating with some of the leading companies on this sector, such as: BAYER, ZOETIS, CEVA, FARMAZAC SYNVET. With our strong assets - modern facilities and experienced scientific personnel – we are constantly looking for new partners and the development of new contracts for rendering services.

Contact details

Customer Service +30 210-5508500,

Animal Health BU

Tel.: +30 210-5575770-3

Provet International BU

Tel.: +30 210-5508500

Pharmacovigilance - Adverse Event Reporting

In case you need to report an adverse event related to use of PROVET’s veterinary medicinal products, please contact the Pharmacovigilance Department:

Tel.: +30 210-5508777

Where is PROVET located?

Customer service is located at Nikiforou Foka & Ag. Anargyron, 193 00, Aspropyrgos, Attiki. Visit our map to find drive instructions where you can find the link of our location for mobile and GPS use.

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Webinars are organized for Veterinarians and Veterinary students. For more information you can contact us at

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