How to train a puppy!

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The welcoming a new puppy in your life is an exciting and joyful period for you and your family. By owning a dog, your efforts are rewarded because a dog becomes a man’s best friend. You have the responsibility to raise a healthy dog with good manners while the entire procedure requires time, patience, devotion and a lot of effort.

The proper training of your puppy depends exclusively on you!

Everybody wants to have a well-behaved, happy and social puppy. Puppies learn fast, therefore, it is vital to start the behavioral learning process from the very first day.

Basic Training Principles - Golden Rules

  1. Reward Good: Rewards positively reinforce dogs of all ages. Reward can be a treat, or a snack, a caress or both. Reward the puppy within the first 2-3 seconds of the good behavior, otherwise the puppy may be confused and may combine the reward with another behavior and not with the one you aim to encourage.
  2. Be proactive and ignore bad habits: Puppies usually chew on objects such as pillows, shoes, furniture etc. because of their exploratory behavior. Teach them what they can and what they can’t do. Give them toys to play and chew so as to distinguish them from the ones they must not chew. Puppies sometimes chew objects in order to draw attention, so deny their access to those objects and reward them when they are quiet. Show them that they can gain more attention when they chew their toys.
  3. Interrupt if necessary: When puppies’ behavior starts being annoying or even dangerous, ignoring them is not part of the solution. You need to stop them with the word “NO”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are yelling at them or repelling them. Puppies don’t know that chewing a wire or a shoelace is wrong. Make a noise to interrupt them, draw their attention and then reward them when they stop.

Develop close bonds with your puppy and set strict behavioral rules. The most important rules should be about:

  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Toys
  • Attention seeking

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