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Start early and get accustomed with the habit of brushing your dog daily, with the proper brush.

You should brush or comb your puppy quite often and from early life, not only to care for its skin and coat but also for enhancing the bonds between you and the puppy. Ideally you should brush your puppy daily with its own special brush that is the proper one for its type of fur. You may need to trim some of its hair especially around the eyes, ears, and paws or around the anus. If you want a special haircut, consult an expert dog groomer.

Hair brushing is vital to all puppies from early life

Check your dog’s nails regularly. If you cannot trim them yourself, then this service can be provided by the vet or other specialized personnel.

You will find different types of shampoos for dogs in the market. You must not use shampoo for humans. When you wash your dog keep the shampoo away from its eyes. An anti-slippery mat on the bath floors will prevent any possible fall. After taking a bath, the puppy should be completely dried, either by using a towel or a hairdryer to avoid moisture which could cause skin disorders. Remember that in order to avoid damaging the skin’s flora, you must wash the puppy no more than once a month.

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