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Even the smartest puppy will have “unfortunate accidents” indoors, especially in the beginning. Get special pads for puppy training and determine a specific area on your balcony or your yard to be the puppy’s “toilet”.

Puppy potty training takes time and needs patience and understanding!

The puppy needs to know how to go out on its own for soiling. It’s an important lesson that needs to be learned. The sooner it learns it, the better for everyone. One of the main reasons that people do not want to keep a puppy is because of their failure to teach the puppy how to go out for soiling. Start training your puppy from the very first day he comes home. Take it to a place like the garden or the balcony and encourage it to go there whenever it wants to go to the toilet. If it succeeds reward it as much as you can and give it the most of your attention. You don’t need to worry if it does not succeed on the first time. Moreover, the whole procedure needs patience and understanding. The everyday repetition is essential to complete the training. Feed the puppy every day at the same hours. Make sure that someone is going to be there the next 20-30 minutes after every meal as this is the time needed for them to defecate.

Exercise stimulates the need to defecate, so take a break from playing with it and take it out for a walk.

The 2 most important factors for successful domestic puppy training are boundaries and surveillance. If you notice that the puppy goes in circles and sniffs the floor, draw its attention and take it outside. Every time it wakes up, take it outside. After every meal or game the procedure must be the same and it should be rewarded with great enthusiasm whenever it achieves it.

It is essential not to leave puppies on their own for a very long period of time because they will start feeling isolated.

Toilet accidents are inevitable because training doesn’t go on during night-time. The way you react to these accidents is equally important. Never punish the puppy, yell or rub its nose for something that happened overnight. Stay calm and clean all the dirt and remember next time not to leave it on its own for such a long period of time.

If someone follows these simple steps, then the majority of puppies can be successfully trained for their toilet habits in 4 weeks.

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