Puppy Tips

Collars should be introduced to your puppy immediately, but remember that you mustn’t take it out for a walk until fully vaccinated. Good quality, safe toys will make your pet's life more fun. Play with your puppy to create mutual bonds with it faster. Playtime is a good way for exercising and training. The puppy should not be allowed to play with children’s toys or your shoes.

Buy two, good quality bowls that can be easily washed. Use one for water and one for food. Make sure they don’t flip easily. A growing puppy needs more calories, proteins, minerals and vitamins compared to an adult dog.

Even the smartest puppy will have “unfortunate accidents” indoors, especially in the beginning. Get special pads for puppy training and determine a specific area on your balcony or your yard to be the puppy’s “toilet”.

Start early and get accustomed with the habit of brushing your dog daily, with the proper brush.

Visit a veterinarian before you bring a puppy in your home. Learn the working hours and which the alternative is, in case it is sick when the clinic is closed. Ask your vet how often you should visit the clinic during the first year of your puppy’s life.

The welcoming a new puppy in your life is an exciting and joyful period for you and your family. By owning a dog, your efforts are rewarded because a dog becomes a man’s best friend. You have the responsibility to raise a healthy dog with good manners while the entire procedure requires time, patience, devotion and a lot of effort.

There are more than 400 breeds, so choose wisely. You can start by searching on the web. Search for any advices from veterinarians in your neighborhood. Try the local kennels and animal welfare organizations, local newspapers, adds, or ask any of your friends or a breeder.

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